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  1. Mariano Reply

    It’s a numbers game (Kickstarter). If they ask for $100,000 and 10% of inudividals viewing the project donate an average of $20 then they need 50,000 unique human hits. Imagine they don’t get front page rotation (staff featured project) and they need to drum up that many hits using their own devices. Good luck with that shit. I had the same problem when I ran my Kickstarter project way back when.I hope they succeed because it looks -extremely- cool, but I have my doubts unfortunately. Best of luck anyhow, guys.

    • TCAMedia Reply

      Thanks for your thoughts, however this video was NOT a crowdfund campaign just a product video. That said, 85% of our campaigns have ended in 105% to 650% successful funding. There is more to creating campaigns then a video and some hope, it’s quite a bit of hard work to be successful and if your product isn’t desirable you’ve lost before you started. Be sure to test your product out with a focus group before you choose to campaign!!

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