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  1. Jeffrey Reply

    Yeah, I’m with Scott on this. And I don’t buy this argument that shniwog failed campaigns puts people off.Firstly, Kickstarter has now reached a level of success that the question is it really plausible that I could run a successful campaign on Kickstarter? has been pretty solidly answered people aren’t going to have doubts about Kickstarter as a concept from seeing that some projects fail. But secondly, who’s this person who would run a successful campaign and deliver product to their backers, but is going to be put off by seeing that other people fail? What kind of entrepreneur is that?And it’s not really about allowing every potential campaign starter to comb through failed projects, either. It’s about making it easy for the people who write the How to succeed on Kickstarter blog posts to write Top 10 Kickstarter mistakes blog posts.

    • TCAMedia Reply

      Hello Jeffery! I’m not sure who Scott is but I agree. Showing failed campaigns isn’t a deterant because there are just as many successful campaigns.

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