BUT it is a science.

As crowdfunding makes gains in popularity, the battle for pageviews and pledges has become increasingly competitive, especially on portal sites that feature thousands of live projects at once. If you’re depending on a Kickstarter feature to kickstart your campaign, then you could be in trouble.

So how do you ensure that you’ve optimized your campaign for success? We’ve taken a look at a number of recently funded projects in order to identify some of the techniques, strategies, and crowdfunding secrets that will give you the best chance of meeting your goals.   READ MORE

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  1. Melania Reply

    I agree with your conclusion. This might also have the adagatvne, that the campaigns don’t need much money, as the authors or publishers already made money of the book and might be willing to agree to a relatively low price. And as kickstarter and orher sites show, campaigns that don’t ask for too much money are more likely to be successful.If they focus on those books, I could image an successful future for the project.

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