We didn’t say it.. but it might be true.

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  1. Princess Reply

    I once contributed to a projcet that produced no results. I went looking into Kickstarter’s support pages for information on what I should do. They do not have a FAQ for this. They do not have any official channel for communicating that failure has occurred. I am not surprised to hear that they sweep failed projcets out of the lists whenever possible. I find it neither nefarious nor interesting. It’s just plain stupid. If you want people to contribute money, they need to feel some sense of trust. If you don’t manage those who abuse that trust, you’re going to lose it. Kickstarter is one high-profile failure away from vanishing off the planet. It would do them a lot more good to offer some transparency and have good policies in place for managing this. The little piddly failures they see now SHOULD be great training ground for them. Instead they are ignoring and avoiding the problem. This will bite them in the ass eventually.

    • TCAMedia Reply

      I’m not sure we agree. Kickstarter is quite responsive if you contact them. Simply click the “Support” tab and follow the directions. Maybe you missed that link?

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