We are one reputed resort destination video production company coming up with whole new ranges of solutions and services so as to help your online business to grow. We bring for some of our customers the best of solutions and services that are unique in whole new ways. Get in touch with our destination video production team and we promise you to deliver the best of solutions within affordable price. We stand out from all our contemporaries and believe in delivering some of the best solutions that can help your online business to grow. Some of the indiegogo video production techniques followed by our team can prove really effective.

TCA Media, That's Who.

TCA Media is one of those things that happens when a few people love doing something so much, they are determined to make a living at it. Is this what we set out to create so many years ago? I'm not sure, but we like were it's going.

Great video is a collaboration of brilliant ideas and talented people who enjoy telling the world about it. It's simple, my friend. We create so you don't have to.

What Makes A Video Great?


We Love This Stuff.

Nicole Jones
Founder - Cinematographer

“They call me wonder woman.”

Nicole loves film making.  Not the pretentious kind, but the kind that has everyone smiling when the day is done.  She also loves working with the kind of people who genuinely care about their products because passion creates magic.  Nicole doesn’t shoot videos, she cultivates brand relationships.

She also loves donuts, so that’s a plus.

Mitchel A Jones
Owner, Director and Sound.

Yeah, we’re related.

Mitchel is a Director by day and a gamer, by day.  But his love of technology and gadgets makes him the perfect candidate to make videos about, well, technology and gadgets.  He joined TCA many moons ago and has been the life of the party ever since.  His favorite videos to make are the good ones.  He’s rather fond of Tacos.

Oh, and we’re convinced he might actually be Ewan McGregor.

So, What Is It We Do Again?

  • Super Awesome Crowdfunding Extravaganza

    When you need a Kickstarter that just won't quit raising money? It's a good time to call in the professionals. And if it wasn't clear, that's us.
  • Epic Company and Product Overviews

    We can do talking heads and product shots (our camera does have a "record button"). But if you're ready for unique ways to promote what you have and what you do? Let's do that instead.
  • Events that Need to be Seen

    You need a highlight to sell promote years extravaganza? We can do that. I mean your party is already cool enough so how hard can it be? Side note though? We don't do weddings.
  • Socially Conscious Love

    You run a foundation or an organization that needs to spread the word about what you love. So get excited, because you're an e-mail away from awesome.
  • So You Wanna Be On TV!

    If you have the budget? We can make you a star. Our sizzle reels get network response. As long as you have a solid idea? We can make it a "reality".
  • All That Other Stuff.

    Testimonials. Check. Short Films. Check. Feature Films. Check. Work Out Videos? Why not. If it can be captured on camera, then it's in our wheelhouse.